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Thursday, August 17, 2006

my apologies

sorry for the lack o blogging upon my arrival back. however, things are a bit crazy right now and blogging isn't necessarily highest on my list of priorities. today was catch up day at work - thus not as much time dedicated to catching up on my blogs, surfing the internet etc. tomorrow is more catch up, moving some stuff into the new house!, and having friends come into town :) sat is tubing down river, eating at gristmill, and going to box's grad party. sunday is saying farewell to my friends :( and then real moving time, cleaning the apt, and bidding farewell to my shoebox apt.

but i promise that once ALL that is over, i will be all yours. i will tell you all about disney, family bonding, my thoughts on so you think you can dance, excitement about new shows starting soon, how cute my new house is, the movie step up and my future husband channing tatum, and an update about my future at work.

i will also provide pics of disney and the cute new house.

stay tuned...


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