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Friday, August 25, 2006

my new job

im officially looking for a new job. and yes, im going to go ahead and call that a job in itself because, well...it is. it's almost as stressful as my current job. but yeah, this week basically affirmed the need to find something else. i'm about 4% happy at my job right now and that's just not a significant percentage. this weekend im going to blow the dust off the old resume and make some revisions to hopefully make me sound like any company couldn't possibly live without me.

up until monday i was actually ok with my job...and on a good day i might actually say i was happy. until monday. now i have a different boss and they've (the important people) have basically given me the ultimatum of do all this stuff that we know you hate and are uncomfortable doing, or see ya later. well, they haven't actually laid out the ultimatum yet...they've tried to dance around those words by saying things like "just think about it and about what you want to do." which is stupid because i and they included know exactly what i dont want to do (what they're asking of me) so it's not like i really have two choices. one choice is right and the other choice is pink slip. and honestly i feel like somewhere it has to be wrong that the job they're asking me to do is not the job i was hired to do and it's not really fair to let me go for a job i wasn't hired for. but obviously that's not really in my hands.

all to say, i think my time here is done. im not going to quit until i find something else (unless im fired before that point) so let's just hope it doesn't take me forever to find a new job. so, if you hear of anything that you think i wouldnt completely suck at, lemme know. ill take it.

oh by the way, it's friday and i could not be ANY happier about that.


Anonymous hannah said...

hi kate, sorry to hear about your job situation. good on you. many moons ago i also had a reasonably sales-y job and i loathed it! i almost walked out one day. in the end, that experience opened up a whole new work area and career opportunity for me - something i totally loved! all the best with the job search - and keep your options wide open :) thanks for sharing.

3:41 PM  
Blogger kate said...

thanks hannah - im glad im not the only one who hates sales. and i do look forward to the future..i figure anything has got to better than what i have now!

4:07 PM  

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