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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

sermon cliffs notes

i don't normally post about previous sermons. mainly because i don't always remember what the sermon was about halfway through the week. hey, im just being honest. shoot..sometimes i dont remember 15 minutes after church but im a really bad aural learner...im much more visual. this probably explains my struggles in college with staying awake in class, staying focused, and being able to retain anything. i dont have ADD but i do think i have the attention span of a 3 yr old....but anyways...

i enjoyed sunday's talk at the stone. it stemmed from a verse that says: (God speaking) "if you love me, you will obey my commands." not too tricky. but i liked what matt had to say about this. he talked about habitual sins - stuff that you might struggle with repeatedly, or even just sin in general. and he went on to say, when you go to your friends or whoever and ask them advice on how to "fix" these things in our lives we generally get the same answers: read your bible more, pray harder, remove those things from your life that are gettin' in your way, etc. and not that these answers are necessarily wrong, but there's another place you can start. LOVE GOD. "if you love me, you will obey my commands." so basically matt was saying your first priority needs to be to love the Lord, and then those other things like praying and reading etc. are going to fall in place easier.

when i was in college station i served as a co-director for a year in one of the age groups of an inner city ministry called youth impact. sidenote - my best memories from college stem from this ministry, the kids i met, and the friends i made through it. but anyways, when i was on staff the 'motto' was, "love God first, serve Him second." first off, i like and need simple truths like that. things that you don't have to sit and ponder for days to understand. but it's so true. God wants so bad that we just love Him and build that relationship first. then we can serve, then we can learn about His teachings etc. if you don't have a solid foundation then you're always going to be struggling to make your world 'work.'

well there's your sermon from pastor kate for the day. it's not rocket science and i'll probably never post on deep theological matters or anything of a real debatable matter...but like that would be any fun anyways, right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear pastor kate,

thanks for sharing :) i agree with you, i also 'survive' on simple truths. i noticed you've read 'blue like jazz'. what did you think of it? i'm reading it right now and i can't put it down!

your blog-friend,

3:59 PM  

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