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Monday, August 07, 2006

shopping around...

...for car insurance. uggh. not the type of shopping i really love to partake in. here's the thing. over the course of a year my semiannual car insurance payment has gone up $200. that doesn't seem right. i called good ole state farm and asked them what the deal was. evidently my cr-v's rating has gone from a 10 to a 15 meaning that more people wanna steal it and the parts cost more to replace. she said this accounted for a good $50 of the increase. im like, so...the other $150 is what exactly? i haven't had any wrecks, any tickets...im basically the worlds best driver ;) she then just kinda didnt have an excuse except that the rates just go up over time. she said i could take defensive driving and it would go down about $50 and the course only costs about $30. neat...saving me $20 big ones.

all to say...im thinking im gonna leave st. farm and get some new car insurance. i went online and got online quotes from geico, esurance, and progressive. i basically got the same quote from all three give or take $20 and it was a good $200 cheaper than what im paying now (close to my original payment a year ago). however, my question is this...are these places legit? of course i hope that i wont be in situations where ill actually need to use my car insurance, but say i do, i dont want some shady insurance that isn't gonna pay up or something.

so im asking that you give me any info you have about car insurance...anything youve heard...good companies, bad companies, what you have etc. don't be afraid to comment, people.


Blogger Tsh said...

We have Unitrin, and I think they're excellent. Super affordable and VERY helpful. As in, you can talk to a real person and they get back to you asap.

Hope that helps.

1:05 PM  
Blogger kate said...

ok i went to their site and it is SUPER CHEAP! thanks for letting me know - this is very helpful!!

10:12 AM  

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