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Monday, September 18, 2006

here's what happened...

alright...if you dont wanna read a post hearing of all the details of me losing my job, and my thoughts on the situation, and of my company currently then just stop reading now.

sidenote...it's about 75 degrees outside right now and i could not be more happy about that. and i will give you a nice little ACL recap tomorrow. it was AWESOME. stay tuned!

as you all well know, if youve been reading on a normal basis, my job was changing these last few weeks. bc of the financial state of our company, i was being asked to do outbound/proactive sales (which in my mind is comparable to sawing off ligaments with a dull knife...ok not really but close.). so i was taking on these new job responsibilities (calling x amount of people per day and trying to get them to buy our stuff) against my will but nevertheless doing them in order to keep my job while i looked for a new one.

well, thursday rolled around and it was the end of the day and i was called into an office. the conversation lasted about 5 minutes and it went a little like "theres no easy way to do this but bc of the financial state we're in we're gonna have to let you go...you are not the only one...you are not eligible for severance pay...here's a check for your work up until today...please return your keys etc...this will be your last day." yeah, no severance pay (im pissed, shocked, and now have an even more affirmed feeling that my company is real unprofessional). but it gets better..

i go back to my office and i go back to finishing an order...not bc i really care about the company at this point, but bc i care about the customer and i want to make sure that they are going to get their order b/c it's a pretty significantly large order. within 5 minutes of me being fired one of my coworkers comes in and asks me if i need to get any personal files off my computer. i say no and she then says "ok then you need to turn your computer off right now." and she wasn't necessarily nice when she said it. so i say "i am finishing an order for the benefit of the company so im going to go ahead and do that and then ill turn off my computer." (yeah, maybe i was a little sassy but i feel like when someone has just lost their job that maybe you would treat them a little nicer. so then the lady has the nerve to tell me to hurry and then leaves. im pretty much furious at this point.

then my old boss shawna comes in (she's the one i loved and we have a really great working relationship and friendship but unfortunately they had moved people around and she wasn't my boss anymore). they have just told her that they are letting me go and she is shocked. at this point we're both kinda freaking out bc im realizing all the stuff i do that no one else knows how to do or where things are on my computer and she's realizing she's going to have to do everything i do and find everything somehow b/c come tomorrow, they aren't bringing in someone to do my job. so i immediately start telling her everything random thing i can think of - call this person, send this out, order this, this is where this template is etc. and again, not bc i really care about the company but bc i care about our customers not getting their stuff and i care about her as my friend having to somhow do her job and now mine as well. and it gets better...

the same lady and lady 2 come in. lady 1 says..."ok kate..you really need to turn off your computer now." (ok evidently the med institute has this idea that after you get fired you're going to try and go into their system and steal all their medical stats and info and either destroy them or maybe resell it...maybe its happened in the past but honestly im like do you really think i even care??) so at this point im wanting to maybe scream at this lady and throw things at her. wisely, i dont. so i say "i am showing shawna where important files are that she's going to need to know about; i am not opening anything or taking anything and she's standing right here with me...when i am done THEN I WILL TURN OFF MY COMPUTER." i dont yell this but i say it pretty matter of factly. lady two (whom i think was going to be responsible for maybe resetting my passwords etc) then kinda rolls her eyes, utters a loud sigh, and makes a remark under her breath yet loud enough for all of us to hear that she needs to leave. and i guess i was keeping her there. i am wanting to yell "you get to come to work tomorrow..i just lost my job...and you are getting upset with me bc i am taking up your time?? youve GOT to be kidding me" but no, i dont.

so they leave again and me and shawna are left again. and she's being great...trying to get everything down that im telling her...helping me get all my stuff together...packing up my car with me. and at this point she's the only person i respect in the company and the only person i would want to walk me out. i give her my work keys and im out of there.

since then i have learned that two other people were also let go including the front office receptionist who has been there over 4 yrs and she didn't get any severance pay either. i only know this bc i emailed her after i left to tell her bye bc she had always kinda been my work mom who knew everything going on with me, knew i wasnt happy, knew i was looking for another job, consoled me when i had terrible days. so yeah...no severance pay for her either and i find that to be utterly ridiculous.

in the grand scheme of things and after a weekend of fun (more to come about ACL later) and not thinking of it, im doing good. i know that the Lord is in control of this situation and i know that it is FAR better that im out of that company. granted, i would have liked for it to end differently and more on my terms but that's ok. i still believe in the medical institute and support the mission of the company and what they're doing to educate the public. i have however, lost almost all respect for the management and they way that the people there conduct themselves. i can only hope that they realize how poorly and unprofessionally they treated some of us.

so with that, my time there is done and now it's time for something new. im not sure what that's going to be at this point. ive already started applying places and need to continue that. i might have to take something more temporary like starbucks just to keep me afloat financially while i find something more "real." but thats fine bc im hoping my patience and willingness to do that will pay off in a job ill really enjoy. so wish me luck and if you made it thru this whole post then props to you!


Blogger kimmie said...

Kate, that's awful. They are being very unprofessional and they are losing a great employee. I'm sorry this happened to you :(

I am glad to hear that you had a blast at ACL. Good for you! And hey, maybe this will allow more time for you to sharpen your photography skills? Just trying to find some silver lining for you. Hang in there...

3:52 PM  
Anonymous toblerone said...

Wow, that's really lame of them. I promise I won't go to them whenever I need to order something from the... Sexual Institute... hmm.... anyway.

On a side note, I actually hear Starbucks is a great place to work. My sister-in-law worked there for several years and loved it. They have full benefits (health, etc.) for part-timers.


5:56 PM  
Blogger kate said...

thanks guys..im glad that im not being completely unreasonable and biased in my anger. and i dont even think i so much as exaggerated in my post which might be even scarier!

kimmie - i do have some exciting photography news so stay posted.

toblerone - ya know ive heard the same about starbucks and ive always wanted to work in a coffee shop so im going to look into it.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous hannah said...

hi kate, thanks for the update on what happened at work. i think you handled it well and stayed professional till the end. good for you! that's something no one can take away from you. :) i've also found that these kind of 'forced situations' often bring about fresh things in our lives that we might not have considered if we were still stuck in old patterns and routines. can't wait to hear about what this new season will bring!

6:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First and foremost,

If you want to have "Lady" and "Lady 2" 'taken out'...I think I can have that arranged. I work in a pretty rough part of Dallas (North Harry Hines for those of you who know the area) and my connections are very loyal. Scary, yes I know. Next, it breaks my heart anyone had the audacity to treat you that way. Doesn't make much sense. I would say that it could be a result of racial profiling, but there really aren't any recent trends in Asian related terrorist efforts. I think she probably just sucks at life, and she probably hates it that you are such a cool person. I won't beat on her too bad. I don't think the "Big Guy" would approve of me doing that. You do sound like you handled yourself very well. My wife can vouch for me in saying that I would have not held my composure nearly as well as you did in the situation. She would have rolled her eyes right into the back of her head after I punched her in the baby-maker and gave her a bloody nose. Speaking of which do we know why Ben Kweller got a bloody nose at ACL? That's a great transition so I'll leave it at that. Can't wait to hear more about ACL. Props to you Kate.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I meant I would have punched "Lady 2" in the baby-maker... not my wife. Just wanted to clarify that. Sorry for any confusion in my anonymous response.

9:09 AM  
Blogger kate said...

haha...um thanks "anonymous" commenter. and im real glad you arent punching your wife in the babymaker - that could really affect yalls future. and i think i already told you about kweller - you need to stop slippin him drugs. at least i know where you get them now seeing as how you live in the "rough" part of dallas ;)

9:52 AM  

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