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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

in honor of steve irwin

at a&m there is something called ring dance. it's basically like a senior school dance you go to once you get your aggie ring. well, there was a bunch of us who didn't really want to go to ring dance but still wanted to do something fun. so we decided to get dressed up and go to san francisco steakhouse in houston. that day ben evidently rummaged around in his costume collection and found all this australian garb. you can't tell by the pics but those are definitely khaki shorts, not pants...and the outfit is finished off with some hiking type boots. and yes, ben went with us to san francisco steakhouse. and no, he didn't change. so while the other guys were in slacks and ties...ben looked like he came straight from a safari. fittingly, we named him "crocodile hunter" that nite. when i heard the sad news that the real crocodile hunter, steve irwin, died a few days ago i couldn't help but think of ben and his crocodile hunter gear. thus, in honor of steve irwin, i decided to share this pic and story.

in other news...yuna got a couch and now our house is even better! i updated pics if you want to see our "new" living room. see them here.

also, i finally got some disney pics up. see them here.


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