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Monday, September 18, 2006

pics now, words to come

here are the acl pics...in no particular order...
festival entrance
new orleans social club - so sweet. one of my favorites of the weekend
kt tunstall was great
matisyahu. cant understand a word he's sayin...
iron and wine. just one guy though and he's fantastic
me and ck enjoying our 3rd acl together

always entertaining to see what flags people bring..the show was the shins
i love me some guster
how am i? im stinkin hot...and here's my crazy chaco tan to prove the blazing sun's existenceben harper...always an acl favoritedavid ford..sooo good.


Anonymous toblerone said...

That's cool they did the "Hi how are you?" sign. I've remembered that graffiti on the drag since I was a kid, and I love that Austin's done everything they can to keep that there.

7:04 AM  
Blogger kate said...

yeah all the stages had banners with "austiny" sites on them. there was one with a giant creepy bunny on it though. i guess this is somewhere around austin but i dont know where and honestly i dont think i want to. maybe its not scary in real life but when its on a 100ft banner its a bit terrifying...

3:58 PM  
Anonymous hannah said...

i love kt tunstall! :)

10:37 PM  

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