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Sunday, September 10, 2006

a tribute to john andreacchio

5 years ago thousands of people were killed in a terrorist attack. A project was started called 2,996 with the idea that on today, 2,996 different people would each honor one of the victims from that day through their blog. I have the honor of telling you about a guy named john andreacchio, fondly referred to as "jack" or "jackie" who is strongly missed by friends, coworkers, and of course family.

On September 11, 2001 Jack was 52, working in Human Resources dept at Fuji Bank in the World Trade Center. He was close to his family, especially his twin sister Louise. He would call her at 6AM in the morning on their birthday in order to wish her happy birthday first. Their family would gather each year in Brooklyn to celebrate his birthday. Many friends have great memories of hanging out with him and his wife Fran. They looked forward to his visits because of his pleasant company and jokes. People that knew him say he was a great guy to be around with a great sense of humor and kind, generous, outgoing personality. He made the people around him feel good about themselves and was remembered for his warm smile. The world lost a great guy on Sept. 11th and he will not be forgotten.

To read more about Jack, you can go to pages here, here, or here.

Also, check out the 2,996 site and take some time to remember some of the others that we lost that tragic day, 5 years ago.


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