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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

i guess im a nuggets fan now

let's get straight to business - yesterday afternoon AI officially became a denver nugget. in return philly gets 2 players and some first round picks. so that, along with another likely top pick they will hopefully have the ability to build themselves a good team in 07.

my thoughts? im excited and approve of the trade. my loyalty has always been with AI so yeah, i'll follow him to the nuggets. i think this will be great for that team. you have the top two leading scorers in the nba on one team. and for once, AI will have a good team to support him. it's evident that the sixers were built around AI seeing as how they've done nothing but lose since he's been gone...11 games to be exact. that's pretty sad.

but i've always liked underdog teams and have remained a sixers fan the last 4,5 years despite them generally being terrible. and even though they don't have my AI anymore, they have the other AI (iguoudala) whom i love, and some other players that i think one day might rise up to their potential. so yeah, i'll still follow them...maybe just not as enthusiastically. but ive never been a one team fan when it comes to the nba...there are lots of teams i like because of specific players - the rockets with tmac, nets with antoine wright, pacers with o'neal, heat with dwade, boston with pierce, bobcats with morrison, etc etc. i just love the nba.

so there you have it. im glad it finally happened - now i don't have to keep refreshing the espn.com webpage every 10 minutes to see if anything has happened.

some interesting facts: within 30 min. of the trade being announced 340 season tix had been sold in denver and while AI was waiting around to be traded he earned around $134K for each game. not bad...


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