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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

suck it up, UT

how ridiculous is this...UT is suing an aggie business owner over their "saw em off" logo which is basically a longhorn with the horns broken or "sawed" off (see pic). if you've attended a&m within the past 12 years then you are familiar with it. and if you've lived in texas or even been around other aggies within the last 12 years then you've probably seen it. why? because it's been around since 1995!!!! but for some reason, they decide now, 12 years later, to sue.

give me a flippin break. are you still bitter that we beat your overrated team this year or what? can't you just let us have that? or are you bitter that our basketball team is WAY better than yours this year? so now you have to suddenly act like this is the first time you've seen it and are suddenly so upset that you feel the need to sue?

GET OVER IT. whatever happened to a little normal school rivalry?


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