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Friday, March 02, 2007

coffee day

what defines a "coffee day?" a day where i know i will not make it through work unless i get a jolt of caffeine early on. "coffee days" are generally preceded by late nites where i get to bed past my ideal bedtime of 10pm. what makes "coffee days" different for me is the fact that i don't really care for coffee. not yet, that is. sure i get the cinnamon dolce latte from sbucks but that's stretching it b/c that goodness is pretty mild. give me a cup of regular coffee without anything in it and i would most likely spit it on you. but i'm trying to train myself to like it. not with the intention of becoming a regular coffee drinker and definitely not trying to get to the point where i rely on it every morning. but just so that i can enjoy the taste.

so why is it so important that i succeed in this? well, coffee does a number on me. and maybe it's because i so rarely drink it..i'm not sure...but it just takes a little bit and i am WIRED for a good 8 hrs...so much that i'm a little jittery. so, on days when i've only had about 5 hrs of sleep the nite before, a little pick me up seems like a really good idea so that i'm not sitting at my desk doing that thing where you can barely keep your eyes open and your head nods down and jerks back up. yeah i hate that.

enter "coffee day." coffee day officially means either stopping at the sbucks on the way to work (if i'm feeling wealthy) or stopping into the exxon and getting the 'gourmet" bengal traders coffee for a buck. well i haven't felt wealthy this week so it's been exxon all the way. and i can concoct quite a little treasure with bengal traders. this week it's been half a cup of hot cocoa, 1/3 cup of the golden french toast blend coffee, and anywhere from 4-6 little cups of half and half or french vanilla creamer. yeah, like i said, i'm easing into this coffee thing.

this week has involved a lot of late nites resulting in 4 coffee days. that's not good. it's especially not good b/c im about to embark on a 3o hr tour de texas. which brings me to my weekend plans which are super exciting (despite the fact that i might have to manually hold open my eyelids by saturday).

tonite im heading to big d (yes, AGAIN) to catch a great show featuring matt wertz, stephen kellogg, and jon mclaughlin. should be SWEET. will go from there to the lovable and highly missed college station to catch the aggies last regular season game against mizzou. immediately following will be a trek to san antonio for another sure-to-be phenomenal show - mr. eric clapton. and then back to austin that nite..yes it will only be saturday nite...tomorrow nite and all of that is going to happen. so, it will be a LOT of miles on the crv, a LOT of hours with jo (i think it will be a true test of our friendship), but i know it will ALL be worth it.

have a great weekend and happy friday!!


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