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Monday, April 02, 2007

life, or something like it

in my old job i reached my point of boredom by lunchtime and the highlight of my day was driving the 2.6 miles to the post office each day to pick up the mail. at my current job boredom sets in by about 830 and the highlight is going to heb on my lunch break and playing in the bulk bins...sampling the dried fruits, assorted trail mixes, healthy foods that they cover in chocolate to make you feel like youre still eating healthy but really, once that pretzel is covered in chocolate and sprinkles, it is NOT good for you people. so whether that's finding joy in the little things or just being lame, im not sure. and i'd prefer for you to not tell me what you think about that. oh and in case you were wondering, yes, i did work at heb for many years and sampling from the bulk bins is definitely frowned upon.

i have about a month left at the good ole trailer. i will miss this piece of crap i call my place of employment. i will miss the fear that consumes me when it's real windy and i feel like the trailer is gonna blow over. i will miss my occasional mid afternoon nap i take in this my ultra comfortable spinny chair. no, i have not yet started the job search. please dont ask me about it yet.

im torn. im torn between option A of trying to find a more stable 9-5ish job where the hours are set, the benefits are there, the boredom is inevitable. and option B, trying to get on with a photographer or studio somewhere as an assistant or something/anything, meanwhile working PT at starbucks or something for supplemental income. option B has a higher chance of lack of funds and odd hours. however, a lot more potential for happiness and possibly furthering my career in photography. option A says, when people ask you what you do, you'd actually have an answer. option B says, when people ask you what you do, you continue to give a long drawn out answer that can basically be summed up as "still trying to figure out my life." one side says, you're 25...you have friends that have had careers for years, are married, starting to have kids.. the other side, you're only 25...you still have a long road ahead of you...you're not behind in life...you're doing just fine.

do you follow this mumbled jumbled mess otherwise known as my brain? sometimes the type A part of me wants to open the top of my head and organize everything in there alphabetically and color coded with cross references. but then type B comes in all carefree and indifferent and says, kick back, relax, stop stressing.

life. blah.


Anonymous toblerone said...

Do what you think is best, but I would totally vote for plan B.

2:55 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

you're hilarious kate. i vote for the photography option...was that A or B? i bet you could find a photography studio that could give you set hours and some stability. or there is option C...come work as our nanny for free. (how did that do in making A and B sound a whole lot better?)

5:08 PM  
Anonymous hannah said...

hi kate, not that you're asking for a vote - but i'm all for plan b. eventually you will earn good money for doing what you love. do you know how many people i know ended up leaving their 'career job' after 10 years of working to pursue their passion? quite a few. some are still thinking about doing it but have come so far in their financial commitments to stop and follow their heart. do you get free coffee if you work at starbucks? that's one way of saving money! :)

9:49 PM  

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