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Sunday, August 05, 2007

more reasons to visit chicago...

my good friends harm and sean came in town for the weekend. they're off to live in the great city of chicago in a few weeks and im sad to see them go so far away but excited for their future there.

speaking of futures...mine has kinda been up in the air recently. i mentioned some job interviews i had. well, none of those ended up working out and i was disappointed at first. but i also learned a little lesson. i realized how i (and im thinking im not the only one) can go so quickly from having a grateful heart for opportunities or ways that God shows me He's taking care of me to a let down, restless attitude when those opportunities don't pan out how I wanted them to. and that's just not right. the Lord gives and the Lord takes away and regardless my response should be 'blessed be the name of the Lord.'

all to say, He humbled me yet again. i had another interview today with an event photography company and was unofficially offered a job. the company does a lot of kids sports photography as well as a mix of other things like school photography, special events etc. the hours are flexible but sufficient, the pay is not bad, and the company is professional but not afraid to have fun. needless to say, it was made clear to me why the job i interviewed for last week that i thought i really wanted didn't end up working out. evidently, this one was waiting for me and i just didn't know it yet.

so again i say, God is good. and now i just need to learn to not forget that.


Blogger KC said...

Like I told you earlier today, I am so happy for you, Kate! And more than the job offer, I'm excited that God used this opportunity to teach you a valuable lesson.

Thank you for turning around and sharing the lesson with other people! Any company is going to be blessed to have you!

PS. Whoever took your picture with Harmony has some stellar photography skills as well!

9:58 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

That's awesome Kate! I'm excited for you!

8:54 AM  
Blogger the story of us... said...

what a great job opportunity!!! i am so amazed by you. before you get big and famous will you pencil us in for a family portrait? :)

ps...you have been tagged...see blog for details.


10:50 AM  

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