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Monday, September 24, 2007

jack of all trades

so i decided that it would be fun to have as many jobs at one time as humanly possible. so im still working for the event photography company. had my first gig last week and got to take pics of adorable little 5 year old flag football boys. wanted to steal a few. so there's that.

this week and last i turned in substitute applications to two school districts. thought that might be "fun" once in a while. and by fun i mean challenging and probably worth a few good stories since i have no formal teaching training and don't know the first thing about classroom management.

and as of today i am officially working for tiffs treats which is cookie delivery company. im excited about it. it will help fill my days, help pay the rent, and who doesn't want to work around fresh baked cookies all day long??

and then don't forget photography. still got that going on and that's ultimately the reason why im acquiring all these odd jobs anyways...so that i can still pursue photography. these other jobs are means to an end while photography is the ultimate goal. im shooting a wedding this weekend in houston and while weddings arent generally my favorite, i always continue to learn a lot each time and gain more experience so that's a plus.

so that's what's going on. on a completely different note i watched the premiere of the bachelor tonite with some fun girls. i only agreed to partake on the premise that we were watching to mock, ridicule, and be entertained. and of course it didn't let us down. hear it here first: women are crazy. absolutely nuts. the bachelor is nice to look at though and is from austin, so there's something to love about him. and if you want to check him out just google him and you can probably find a video of him showering bc evidently abc wants the world to rest assured on the fact that he bathes...


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