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Friday, October 26, 2007

the bests...

yesterday i enjoyed the best show of my life and then possibly the best meal of my life. a day of bests. hard to beat. i had the ultimate privilege of seeing the acl taping of john mayer. yeah, nice intimate setting...about 10 feet from john mayer...some good crowd interaction. oh and did i mention he's the most amazing guitar player ever? it was an hour and a half of playing that made your jaw drop and goosebumps form on your arms. he jammed out in an unbelievable fashion to ray charles' 'i don't need no doctor.' and then did a fantastic little rendition of petty's 'free fallin.' gosh it was so good. it was one of those shows where you think it's reached its peak but then he tops it. you go in with awfully high expectations and they're met and exceeded.

now i must tell you about a great place to eat called backstage. its located in spicewood off hwy 71. i have no trouble saying it's some of the best food you'll ever have. i had a green chile and corn meal crusted beef tenderloin that was incredibly delicious and i highly recommend. it was stacked on some yummy mashed potatoes and had something resembling an enchilada of sorts on top of it. yeah sounds weird but trust me...its real great. one of those meals where after each bite
you go, "mmmm."

so yeah, yesterday was unbeatable.

in celebrity sighting news... yesterday minka kelly, aka lyla garrity of friday nite lights, was at the show. she was there bc shes dating mayer currently. he kept looking over at her while he was singing. it was cute...and by cute i mean real cheesy. and then a couple weeks ago i saw benjamin mackenzie, aka ryan atwood of the OC, at a restaurant downtown. he was there with a big group of people but seth cohen and summer roberts were not in attendance in case you were wondering and i know you were.


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